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Last year, after the Maplenol Barn was saved and moved, Des Moines residents had their own opportunities, or issues, depending on how you look at it. The Des Moines Social Club (DMSC) was looking for a home and as of the latest news, asked the City of Des Moines for a chance at its historic fire house on Mulberry St.

The building is approximately 80 years old (at least the maintenance shop is that old, in this source) and although the city is required to sell the property, it could work out a long-term lease similar to its lease with the World Food Prize.

pat meiners opposes dmsc ownershipI Want DMSC in the Firehouse” Facebook page has 1232 fans. Pat Meiners is wary of the fans, and opposes the club’s ownership of the building. Citing the age of the group among other factors, she fears that the group will have to sell the old firehouse, which in her mind, would lead to demolition. >added 6/10/12 She would want you to read her exact words, which can be done with a click of the image above. <



Des Moines participates in the CLG Program, but the fire house is not listed as a local landmark by the city’s historic preservation commission. If it was designated as a local landmark by its historic preservation commission, local architect and ‘rehabber’ Steve Wilke-Shapiro says that some control would still be held regardless of ownership. The firehouse is not on “the list” (local landmarks are located here). Interesting to note that the original DMSC location is not eligible for historic tax credits because less than 40% of the original facade exists.

Now think about how a situation like this might work in West Des Moines. We have no historic preservation commission or public oversight for our few historic treasures.

Want a photo of the barn? Click the barn below.

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