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bill wagner quote

The quotation above the window at the Wagner Gallery reads:

“…If it’s good architecture, if it’s pleasing, it should not be destroyed; it is, after all, our heritage.”

— Bill Wagner


Today I visited the William Wagner Gallery at the Dallas County Museum. Bill Wagner was a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (a huge honor) and a historic preservation architect. His collection of pen and ink drawings includes a few barns. The museum has a few dairy artifacts and a historically important Scale House that Wagner had moved and used as his office.

Dallas County has a CLG Program that enables local government and non-government organizations to develop historical and cultural resource programs; link city, county, and state government for funding through grants; and form planning and implementation strategies for county-wide programs. The dairy barn and equipment shed at Hanging Rock Park in Redfield are examples of how historical buildings are a part of our conservation efforts. They have been retrofitted into an interpretive center and a picnic shelter while maintaining their architectural integrity.

Doesn’t it look like the Maplenol Barn?

Charles Housh, the oldest great-grandson of C. T. Good, spoke at the first January board of education meeting, asking that his family’s barn be left in place. He also brought his son to the meeting (We recorded his plea to save the barn. Watch him — he speaks last —  in the video here).

Jeanetta HoushToday’s newspaper printed an obituary for Charles’s mother, Jeanetta Housh. Jeanetta had been in contact with a  few barn lovers and knew that people were fighting to save the barn. She verbalized that she appreciated the effort and took comfort knowing that other people valued the barn.

Want a photo of the barn? Click the barn below.

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