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I have no other information than what you see here from a recent email:

Iowa DNR Derelict Building Grant

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is taking applications for the 2014 Derelict Building Grant program. The program helps small rural communities to deconstruct or renovate abandoned commercial and public structures. The program emphasizes reuse and recycling of building items, helps improve street appearance and commercial development, and alleviates environmental concerns.

Deadline: February 28

For More Info: Click Here

Results coming next week! The survey can be accessed with this link.

How often do you vote in school board elections? Results will be shared next week. The survey is located at this link.

Want a photo of the barn? Click the barn below.

Hi, I'm Julia. I wanted to save a barn down the street from my house. It's been moved to a churchyard a couple miles away. Keep up with the barn's story and subscribe to this blog. For more about me, visit my personal blog .
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