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In mid-July, I received a request from the “Barn Lady,” Jan Arnett. Arnett offered her book as a fundraiser for Friends of the Maplenol Barn during the Save the Barn campaign. We’ve still kept in touch even though we didn’t sell her book. She is asking for the story of the barn being saved and moved to be considered for a couple books.
What do you think about this? Is an old barn worth saving? Are you happy that it moved to the church? Does it belong in a book?
barn moving

Does this photo stir your emotions? P. Hickey took it.

A Register reporter wrote to me, asking for a response about the new superintendent’s statement and whether the barn issue impacted the district’s relationship with the community. The statement, which you will probably read verbatim on Thursday or Tuesday in the Community News section, goes something like, “I was told that the district always had a good relationship with the community and the barn didn’t have an impact. The barn impacted only a portion of the community,” and Ansingh hopes to reach out to that portion to get them to involved in “good things.”

What do I think? I think this is very similar to what a TV news reporter said to Sarah Bowman, Secretary of Friends of the Maplenol Barn. He commented that school districts and churches cannot stand negative press. Let me take this comparison further.

There is no attitude that any publicity (or news) is good publicity (or news) with schools and churches. It’s not like celebrities and their ¬†entertainment “news.” When wounds are inflicted, when people and their efforts are unrecognized, really, when any hurt is given, time is needed to heal it. However, that time must be accompanied by very public pro-activity.

I am the administrator of an alumni group. We recently had someone join the group, and his sole purpose of joining was to publicly hurt those who had hurt him. To give an idea of how long this hurt has been inside, I’ll tell you that he graduated from eighth grade around 1971. I chalk his feelings up to time with no pro-activity. This is what could happen to our district. This is what happened with the Catholic Church. Until publicly apologizing and making public, proactive movement toward making things right, and no one will ever get 100% forgiveness (let’s be real), even bystanders (not victims) had a difficult time with the church. This could happen to our district.

I know I am right because I asked our Facebook fans if they agreed with what Ansingh said. One fan stated that because the barn issue came up ten years ago, there are more hurt people than the superintendent can imagine. It is not a half-year old issue. The comment closed by noting that no administrator, board member, or one of their supporters every apologized for the mud-slinging that occurred in 2001-4, the last time the barn demolition issue emerged. That was a long time to remember.


they left a hole in the ground.

The barn is no longer at Valley High School. It’s about two miles away in a grassy field, which is a temporary location. It’s future is still unknown, but it’s out of the school district’s ownership.



Want a photo of the barn? Click the barn below.

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