voting boothI’ve seen quite a bit of chatter over on the “Save the Barn” Facebook page about the West Des Moines School Board of Education election. On Sept. 13, everyone has the privilege of voting at their normal polling location. Choosing who to vote for can be confusing, and I am writing to assert thatjust because there are four seats open on the board this year, you do not have to vote for four. You can give your vote to 1, 2, 3, or 4 name(s) on the slate. You can write the name of someone else on the ballot, including yourself, and vote for that person. You can choose to not vote (but don’t complain about the schools to me if you go this route). But don’t feel that you have to choose four from the ticket just because you can. Voting is a responsibility, and in my opinion, voting when you are uninformed is irresponsible.

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