The following information was released today and also is located on the district website.

West Des Moines School District Works with Community Church to Relocate Barn

District administration will recommend the sale of the Maplenol Barn to Valley Church

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA ? The West Des Moines Community School District administration will recommend that the district?s Board of Education approve the sale of the Maplenol Barn to Valley Church at the Board?s regular meeting Mon., June 13.
?The opportunity to work with Valley Church to honor the history of the barn while also assisting the district in meeting the needs of its students is outstanding,? said WDMCS Superintendent Tom Narak. ?I commend Valley Church and its members for stepping forward.?
The administration is recommending approval of the offer because Valley Church is a long-standing community organization, it currently has funding for the project and it is willing to take ownership and oversee the long-term operation of the barn once it is moved.
If approved, Valley Church, located at 4343 Fuller Road in West Des Moines adjacent to Valley Stadium, will purchase the barn for $1, the price listed for the barn since the fall of 2010. The structure will be renovated for storage use and become part of the church?s expansion, which includes a new Community Center on its 35-acre south campus across the street from the current facility.
The district has contacted, received calls from and worked with several community organizations over the past six months to discuss relocation options and to identify potential community organizations that could financially support the operation of the barn. In addition to Valley Church, discussions were held with the City of West Des Moines, the West Des Moines Historical Society, the Friends of the Maplenol Barn and individual community members.
During these discussions, the district offered relocation costs and an alternate location at Jordan Creek Elementary, located at 4105 Fuller Road next to the Bennett School House. In January 2011, the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education approved providing relocation costs should a community entity come forward to move the barn to a new location. The board approved a contract with Ron Holland Housemoving, Inc. on May 23 to move the barn.
More than 70 years old, the barn is owned by the district and currently sits on the Valley High School campus at 3650 Woodland Avenue. It is constructed of clay tile and is approximately 2,000 square feet, with a lower level and a hay loft. The relocation of the barn will provide the Valley High School students needed outdoor classroom space for both physical education (PE) and outdoor activities. There are approximately 980-1,300 students per day in PE at Valley and over 400 students are involved in outdoor athletics every day during the spring, summer and fall. Many of the PE activities must be modified and, in some cases, students have to be transported off site for athletic activities. Prior to 2004, there were 5.03 acres of available outdoor instructional and activity space for students. Currently, there are 3.5 acres of outdoor instructional and activity space.