What is the status of the barn? Good question. Here’s what we know:

  • The WDMCSD wants to have a 28E for the barn with the WDM Historical Society. So the post from April 13 … well, that situation has changed.
  • The WDMCSD wants to move the barn rather than have it remain in place, where it is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. We expect the Board of Education to review and approve the barn mover’s bid at its regular meeting on May 23.
  • The WDMCS has the new superintendent in town this week. He had already heard about the barn when I met him at 2:45 PM this afternoon. He looks like his headshot.
  • The site the WDMCSD proposes to move the barn to will lead to tree removal. If you look at the pdf  (click here: Bennett school site), the trees don’t have leaves, but you can see the trunks and their shadows.
  • Moving the barn along the proposed path will cause damage to the natural turf in the south barn field.
  • The proposed move has not been scheduled. You can drive by and see the stakes in the ground at the proposed Bennett school site.
  • The barn mover will only move the upper 2/3 of the barn.