We need floods of email…

…in the School Board of Education’s inboxes before Monday’s board meeting. They need your input. The barn needs you to give your input. If sending a message to the entire board seems like too big a job, send a letter saying that you want to save the barn to savingthebarn@gmail.com. We’ll send it for you. Your Board Members are:

Tom Suckow tmsuckow@gmail.com
Terry Tobin tobin.terry@principal.com
Mark Lyons mark.lyons@lmcins.com
Mark Lagomarcino MarkLagomarcino@aol.com
Jill Hansen jhansen@westbankiowa.com
Elizabeth Brennan ejcb@me.com
H. Milton Cole miltoncoleduvall@mchsi.com

The Des Moines Register also takes Letters to the Editor. You might want to cc: the Community Editor, Deb Belt.

And now for real floods

Take a look at this map that the city provided us. Click on it to enlarge. Valley is in the upper left hand corner.

flooding from valley

This map was presented at a City Council meeting by City staff. Should the School District not leave the barn in place and City act on its statement (page 10 of this document), Valley High School would need to add a large amount parking spaces. This would cut into its desired greenspace, and defeat the purpose of the its proposed construction plans. Resulting storm water runoff  would need to handled responsibly, or the scenario shown here — flooding in Valley Junction — may be realized.