We are one week away from the next board meeting and one month away from the School District’s wrecking ball date. We have been told that the barn will appear on the agenda.

Please write a letter showing your support of saving the Maplenol Dairy Barn in place to the school board before 4/11/11. You can cc: savingthebarn@gmail.com We hope to see you at the meeting.

If you are an alumnus, you might want to state any memories you have of the barn, your potential to donate to the school, etc. THANK YOU!!!

Tom Suckow tmsuckow@msn.com term expires 9/11
Terry Tobin tobin.terry@principal.com term expires 9/11
Mark Lyons mark.lyons@lmcins.com term expires 9/11
Mark Lagomarcino MarkLagomarcino@aol.com term expires in 9/13
Jill Hansen jhansen@westbankiowa.com term expires in 9/13
Elizabeth Brennan ejcb@me.com term expires in 9/13
H. Milton Cole miltoncoleduvall@mchsi.com term expires 9/11

Other news: if you need a Save the Barn yard sign and/or can canvas neighborhoods on the morning of 4/9, send a message to julia@savethebarn.com Thank you again.