**** Julia’s note: Save the barn yard signs are available for $25. Due to a few generous donors, we can place yard signs at a few other houses who aren’t prepared to pay that amount. ****

yard signs with the barn in the background

yard signs with the barn in the background

For Immediate Release, March 7, 2011

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Theft, Vandals Attack Save the Barn Signs

West Des Moines, Iowa–Friends of the Maplenol Barn have been alerted to vandals defacing the signs placed on private property. While the Friends of the Maplenol Barn recognize everyone’s right to free speech, trespassing on to and defacing private property is not an expression of free speech. It is a crime. Vandals have taped the word “Demolish” over the word “Save” on many signs. Those who embrace and endorse “demolishing” a piece of our history are free to make their own signs. The West Des Moines Police have been alerted to the defacement of the signs.

Signs have also been removed from private property. Again, Friends of the Maplenol Barn encourage free speech but trespassing and theft is something that should not be tolerated.

When asked about the removal of her sign, Marilyn Josephsen, West Des Moines resident and mother of four Valley graduates stated, “I support saving the barn and had a sign placed in my yard. When I heard about and saw some of the signs defaced with “Demolish” across the “Save” on the signs, each day as I came home, I worried that my sign would be defaced.”

Josephsen continued, “This morning, as I left for school, I saw that my sign hadn’t been defaced. It had been taken. We teach Character Counts in the West Des Moines School District. It is so sad that some of the people who want to “demolish” the barn are obviously not people of good character. I respect that other people may disagree with me, but I don’t feel that this is a way to show that they disagree. They can post their own signs. I will not deface or take them if they do.”

If you are aware of those responsible for the defacement and theft of private property, we urge you to contact the West Des Moines Police Department.