Save the Barn has many supporters.

You may have seen Reike speak on the evening news in support of the barn.

reike wants to save the barnReike graduated from Valley in 1981. He and his wife have two children in West Des Moines public schools. His family helped shape early West Des Moines.

He has a background in fundraising for non-profit groups, including the Des Moines Playhouse.

Reike has advocated to save the Maplenol Barn on the radio, in a webcast, and at board and city council meetings.

Who else is involved in the barn issue? The school board and the district administration.

One member of the administration is Superintendent Tom Narak. He has presented construction plan information to the school board and the City Council and has plans to retire in June 2011. He is shown here at a school board meeting,

where he passed the microphone around between citizens speaking during community forum time.